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Friday, April 30, 2010

Painting Pewter

"Pewter Study" oil on wood panel, 6"x 6" SOLD

I have some wonderful antique pewter pieces that belonged to my mother. I've been intrigued by this small item since childhood. After a bit of research, I'm still not sure what it was used for. There are some similarities to a porringer, but I think it's too small to eat out of! Maybe it's a candle holder? Doesn't matter, I love this little gem and enjoyed painting it.

Studio Pear

"Studio Pear" oil on canvas, 10"x 8"

I painted this pear at my sisters art studio. You might notice it has quite a yellow cast on it. It's amazing what the eye sees!  I did not realize how different the light was in her studio until I looked at the painting at my house. I used a lot of yellow and blue tones in the white table cloth, though I was certain I was painting it with a lot more white!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More from painting in Napa Valley and Sonoma

Here are a few more paintings from my trip. (See Sonoma and Napa Valley posting below.)

"Hillside Vines" oil on wood panel, 6"x8" (Sold)

"Little Brown Church" oil on canvas, 8"x10"

On Sunday morning, with only a few hours left before we had to catch our plane home, we decided to paint one more. A very quick study of an old small church located on Mare Island. I painted it loose and fast, which for me makes it look unfinished. I'd like to fuss with it more, tighten it up now that I am at home. But I've decided to just let it be. (Hope I can stick with that. Artists love to go back over their paintings, only to mess them up!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Painting in Sonoma and Napa Valley

I've just returned from a wonderful painting trip to the wine country in Northern CA. Staying with our artist friend, Brent Jensen, he took us to a variety of picture-perfect places to paint! "Vineyard Barn" was painted along a small country road in Sonoma. We also painted at beautiful vineyards in Napa Valley. What a fun time, not to mention perfect weather and fabulous wine!
"Vineyard Barn" oil on board, 8"x10"

Larry painting barn in Sonoma.

Amanda in Sonoma.

Brent in Sonoma.
Though Brent is painting a vineyard scene in front of him, we were all struck by the beautiful wisteria behind him.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Painting at the Mission

"The Mission" oil on linen, 12" x 9"  (Sold)

A few days ago I joined other artist friends at the San Juan Capistrano Mission to paint. The Southern California Plein Air Painters Association chooses a location (around Orange County) to paint each week, on Friday and Saturday.  I have often wanted to paint at the Mission, it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Linda and Larry