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Thursday, April 22, 2010

More from painting in Napa Valley and Sonoma

Here are a few more paintings from my trip. (See Sonoma and Napa Valley posting below.)

"Hillside Vines" oil on wood panel, 6"x8" (Sold)

"Little Brown Church" oil on canvas, 8"x10"

On Sunday morning, with only a few hours left before we had to catch our plane home, we decided to paint one more. A very quick study of an old small church located on Mare Island. I painted it loose and fast, which for me makes it look unfinished. I'd like to fuss with it more, tighten it up now that I am at home. But I've decided to just let it be. (Hope I can stick with that. Artists love to go back over their paintings, only to mess them up!)


  1. I love this little church, Amanda, it reminds me of one in New York, in a little town called Inlet. The shadows make it.

  2. Thank you Judith! This church,(I just looked it up it's St. Peter's Chapel built 1901), is located on the decommissioned Naval Shipyard on Mare Island, Vallejo. It is the oldest U.S. Base, 1852, on the West Coast. I've never seen eucalyptus trees so big! There are lovely old stately homes once occupied by the Captain and Officers. Truely an amazing place. Many things to paint there!