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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trip to Paris

Soon after I participated in the annual Balboa Island Art Walk last month, I left for a wonderful trip to Paris.   It was a perfect vacation filled with visits to museums, parks, churches, cafes, and more!  It would take pages of blogging to share my experience as an artist in Paris.  So, for now, I decided to just post some pictures (selected from over 1,000 I took!) of my days in this amazing city. 

Musee d'Orsay.  Since the museum is undergoing renovations, much of their famed collection has been touring the United States.   (I missed my opportunity to see the exhibit when it was in San Francisco.)   Though I was disappointed in the limited number of paintings on view,  I did see the special Manet exhibit which was wonderful.  No photos are allowed inside.  (Purchase a museum pass to by-pass the long lines.)
I took this picture from inside one of the galleries at the Louvre.
I could not resist posting this picture.  Can you spot the Mona Lisa?
After 6 hours at the Louvre (which included lunch at one of the restaurants in the museum) I finally reached the highlight of my museum visit, paintings by Jean -Simeon Chardin.  The collection was worth the wait.  I got to view over 25 fabulous paintings by one of my favorite artists.  Also hanging in the same wing ( French 18th-19th century artists), was a large collection of Camille Corot paintings.  One room after another was filled with his inspiring paintings, it was an unexpected delight!
Painting by Camille Corot

Notre Dame
Inside the Sennelier art store.
Jardin des Tuileries at 8:30pm. With the sun setting about 10:00pm, it made for lovely long days.

The Paris Metro