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Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Mandarins 3," oil on hardboard, 8"x6" - Sold
I thought I would get a little technical on this blog.  I've been asked about the kind of boards I paint on (for small works).  I use a gesso hardboard surface (as apposed to linen) for most all paintings under 8"x10."  It's just a personal preference.  I love the glossy transparent quality that can be achieved, it seems perfect for these paintings.  I buy the MDF Hardboard at a local lumber yard and prepare them myself.  Once cut, I seal the boards with Golden Medium: GAC-100 Mulit-Purpose Acrylic Polymer.  I put a thin coat on both sides - twice, thus also coating the edges four times.  I then coat the board four times with Golden Acrylic Gesso.  (I have used an oil based gesso.  It's a bit more slick, and takes a long time to dry.) 
"Mandarins 3" shown here, is a good example of the look an artist can achieve when using a smooth surface.  It's great to experiment, to find what works, what can inspire or showcase different techniques an artist has.  Some artists prefer a surface that will grab the paint better, or maybe they always want the linen weave to show. I understand that, that would be my sister, also an oil painter.  It's great that we are all different.  It's part of the passion of creating art!  Enjoy!

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